Who is who in snowmobile safety video




Jim Smail, Trails Coordinator, Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites. Thinking safety, groomers, night riding, snowmobile clubs, roads, ice, alcohol, snowmobile safety courses.

Jason Walters, Flagg Ranch Snowmobile Mechanic. The fun of snowmobiling.

Richard Roberson, Recreation Manager, Bridger-Teton National Forest. The fun of snowmobiling, learning, buddy system, hills, wilderness areas, ice, alcohol.

Norris Brown, President, Jackson Hole Snow Devils and Snowmobile Racer. The fun of snowmobiling, equipment capabilities and rider abilities, racing, snowmobile clubs.

Mel Denton, Grand Teton National Park Ranger. Snowmobiling in the 60's, modern capabilities of snowmobiles, ice.

Jim Lent, Woodsman. Early snowmobiles and modern machine capabilities, wildlife, survival, ice.

Bill Townsend, Narrator, Professional Snowmobile Guide. Modern machine capabilities, learning, rules of the road, speed, obstacles, weather, stopping, parking, practice, hills, going downhill, balance, panic squeeze, riding tips.

Dale Taylor, Snowmobiler. Learning, cornices, buddy system, experience, mechanics.

Richard Sugden, M.D., Medical Director, Teton County Emergency Medical Services.Obstacles, flat light, survival, alcohol.

Cindy Stein, Wilderness/ Trails Manager, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Learning, rules of the road, speed, guides, wilderness areas.

Eric Sandeno, Lead Wilderness Ranger, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Practice, intersections, guides.

Elisa Burnett, Outdoorswoman. Rules of the road, passing, crossing roads.

Scott A. Edwards, Professional Snowmobile Guide. Personal story, rules of the road.

Adam McCool, Snowmobiler. Rules of the road.

James Champa, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon. Speed, helmets.

Dan Bauer, Law Enforcement Officer, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Rules of the road, speed, private land.

Larry Livingood, Avalanche Hazard Forecaster, Bridger-Teton National Forest. Winter conditions, cell phones, avalanches, high marking.

Kristine Brice, Emergency Medical Technician, Teton County, E.M.S. Changing weather conditions.

Lynette Krause, Emergency Medical Technician, Teton County, E.M.S. Helmets, hypothermia.

Sgt. Dave Schofield, Wyoming Highway Patrol. Highway laws.

Snook Moore, Retired Hunting Guide. Personal story.

Mark Goecke, Public Information Specialist, Wyoming Game and Fish. Wintering wildlife.


Tom Benson, Musher, Washakie Outfitters. Dog sleds and snowmobiles.

Keith Benefiel, Teton County Search and Rescue. Survival equipment, avalanche rescue equipment.

Ben Johnson, Shop Manager, JH Snowmobile Tours. Towing a sled.

Alan Merrell, Undersheriff Teton County, WY; Teton County Search & Rescue Coordinator. Survival, helicopter rescue.

Robin Jenkins, Incident Information Officer, Targhee National Forest. Avalanches.

Doug Abromeit, Director, Forest Service National Avalanche Center. Avalanche classes, avalanche forecast centers, equipment.

Roger Cox, Snowmobiler. Personal story-avalanche.

Bob Pollock, Snowmobiler. Personal story-avalanche.

Dusty Skinner, Coordinator Star Valley Search & Rescue Team. Avalanche, high-marking.

John Linn, Tip Top Search and Rescue. Personal survival story-ice.

Deputy Mike Dulaney, Teton County Sheriff's Office. Alcohol.

John White, Bar Manager. Alcohol.

Lanny Johnson, Physicians Assistant. First aid kits.



Snowmobiling Fun   Snowmobile Clubs
Groomers   Night Riding
Roads   Buddy System
Hills   Wilderness Areas
Technological Changes   Racing
Wildlife   Survival
Speed   Obstacles
Weather   Rules of the Road
Stopping   Safe Riding Tips
Experience   Balance
Panic Squeeze   Cornices
Mechanics   Towing
Guides   Intersections
Helmets Cell Phones
Types of Land  


Avalanches   Helicopter Rescue
Ice   Alcohol


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Togwotee Pass, WY    Green River Lakes, WY
Union Pass, WY   Greys River, WY
Yellowstone National Park   Kendall, WY
Idaho   South Dakota


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