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Fall 1997, For Immediate Release


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Rules of the Snow

Available from SavaFilm

A Fifty Minute Snowmobile Video


November 1997, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. SavaFilm, a video and film production company, announces the availability of Rules of the Snow, a 50 minute film on snowmobile safety. Rules of the Snow is a new approach to the safety-film genre. An innovative combination of safety content and documentary-style presentation, the film invites the viewer to think, participate, identify with the experts and with the experiences of others. Remote winter vistas, humor, expert riding, mountain wildlife, and personal stories engage the interest of even non-snowmobiling audiences.

SavaFilm, a group of filmmakers living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, produced the film in response to the dramatic increase in snowmobiling accidents across the United States and Canada. The film was produced by Sava Malachowski, written and directed by Valerie Schramm, and photographed by Sava Malachowski and Tom Christian. Rules of the Snow is narrated by Bill Townsend, a well-known, professional, snowmobile guide living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Mr. Townsend also appears throughout the video and provides poignant and insightful advice on snowmobiling.

The film begins by examining the technological changes in snowmobiles. The once clunky, slow, and undependable snowmobiles today are capable of climbing steep mountain faces and traveling great distances at high speeds. Modern snowmobiles are much more dependable and tremendous fun, but they are also capable of putting unprepared riders in harsh winter environments far from help. Rules of the Snow addresses both the fun of snowmobiling and the potential hazards. Over thirty experts, all snowmobile enthusiasts, appear on-camera. They share their knowledge and experience gained through years of riding and discuss topics of major concern such as: the rules of the road, avalanches, wilderness areas, winter survival, ice riding, helicopter rescue, and finally-alcohol. The premise of the film is that knowledge, experience, and common sense can prevent the great majority of accidents.

Most of the film was shot, over the past two winters, on location in the Greater Yellowstone area. Wyoming locations include: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Wind River Range, Wyoming Range, Togwotee Pass, Union Pass and Greys River. Other locations include: South Dakota, Ontario, Colorado, and Idaho.

Rules of the Snow was produced in close cooperation with the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming Game and Fish, and three mountain search and rescue teams.


Major Sponsorship Provided by:

Creed and Clarene Law, Antler Motel, Jackson, WY

Jackson Hole Snow Devils

Ice Rider by Mustang Survival

Snowmobile USA Show & Sale

Wyoming Division of Tourism

Wyoming Division of State Parks and Historic Sites,

National Recreational Trails Fund


Participating Organizations:

Bridger-Teton National Forest, USDA Forest Service

Shoshone National Forest, USDA, Forest Service

National Avalanche Center, USDA Forest Service

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Teton County Search and Rescue

Star Valley Search and Rescue

Tip Top Search and Rescue

Teton County Emergency Medical Services

Teton County Sheriff's Office

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Wyoming Highway Patrol

Wyoming State Snowmobile Association, Inc.

Wyoming Department of Commerce: Division of Tourism and Division of State Parks and Historic Sites


Production Credits:

Produced by Sava Malachowski

Written and Directed by Valerie Schramm

Camera by Sava Malachowski and Tom Christian

Narrated by Bill Townsend

Edited by Valerie Schramm and Sava Malachowski

Music by David Ostertag

For More Information Contact:

Sava Malachowski or Valerie Schramm 307-739-2256

Available to the Press:

Full Transcript, Review Copy, and Photographs.



P.O. Box 836, Wilson, Wyoming 83014


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