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Virginia Huidekoper, a seventy years old rancher, who is a long-time resident of Wilson, Wyoming, once had a fear of flying. Her response was to take flying lessons. Through knowledge, her fear vanished and a love of flying grew to a passion.Eventually, she worked as a bush pilot and raced her airplane across the country. Virginia Huidekoper is a modern day renaissance woman, who embodies the independent spirit of the West. Aviation, flying, women pilots 

Archival footage, skiing, ski, wetern history As she pilots a light airplane high over the magnificent mountains and valleys of northwesternWyoming, Virginia discusses her past occupations, her passions, and her personal philosophy--"'s probably the most constricting force there is. You can try anything if you eliminate the fear of consequence."

Virginia's story unfolds from her early years in Salt Lake City to her life on the ranch, where she repairs farm machinery, harvests hay, restores a Model T, and makes fine furniture."I don't think,'I can't do that,' is anywhere in her vocabulary." John White says of Virginia. " If you just meet her in passing, you'll think she's a tough little western woman, she's smart, she's bright, she reads everything..." The film explores Virginia's multiple careers as a ski racer, newpaper publisher, bush pilot, author, rancher, and her present research on the history of the Chinese in Wyoming. Archival footage ranching 

"More than being a  Rancher, historian 1994 WINNER!
charming retrospective
of an expansive and National Media
phenomenal life, the   Award
film bears a universal The Retirement
message of possibility  Research 
and encouragement."  Foundation
  -Jackson Hole News      


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