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Keeper of the Tetons explores the life of Bob Kranenberg,who lived and worked most of his life on what is today Grand Teton National Park. In 1934, Bob left Michigan, hopped freight trains, and hitched rides to Jackson, Wyoming. He arrived with .25 cents left of the $2.50 he had saved for the entire trip.  Grand Teton National Park
 Western History  For the next 18 years Bob worked as a wrangler in the summer and winter caretaker at the Square G Guest Ranch. In 1952,the ranch was sold to the Rockefeller family and donated to the National Park Service. Bob worked for the Park, building bridges and trails, for the next thirty years. 

 Photographs, photography  At the Square G, Bob began taking photographs, a passion that resulted in a spectacular collection of the Park and its wildlife. Archival film footage, by Bob's friend, Dr. Clayton G. Rudd, includes a Fourth of July Parade on Jackson's unpaved streets, a cattle drive in the Gros Ventre Mountains, and life at the Square G.
 Bob reminisces about his friendship with the great conservationists Olaus and Mardy Murie, tells stories of encounters with bears and moose, and expresses his concern for the future of the Park and the need for the preservation of primitive and wilderness areas. This documentary provides a look into the way life was lived in the good old days in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Video documentary

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