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1989 Produced television and advertising campaign for Jackson Hole Museum and Teton County Historical Society. Malachowski, Producer/Director.

1990 Building the Cheyenne Saddle. A short, video documentary on western saddle making. Malachowski, Producer/Director/Camera.

1990 Keeper of the Tetons: The Successful Life of Bob Kranenberg. Short, documentary video first in Wyoming Old-Timer series. Broadcast by Wyoming Public Television. Distributed by Pacific Mountain Network and picked up by 58 PBS stations. Malachowski, Producer/Director. Schramm, Associate Producer.

1993 No Fear of Flying: An Image of Virginia Huidekoper. Short, documentary video. Second in Old-Timer series. Retirement Research Foundation 1994 National Media Owl Award. Broadcast by Wyoming Public Television. Malachowski, Producer/Director. Schramm, Writer/Associate Producer

1993 Driving Snow: The Keys to Winter Driving. Short, documentary-style, instructional video. Broadcast on PBS stations in 20 states. Malachowski, Producer/Camera; Elder, Director/ Writer; Christian, Camera; Schramm, Associate Producer/Writer.

1993-95 Produced 16 public service announcements on winter safety topics. Supported by community of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and broadcast on local television and Wyoming Public Television.

1994 Produced five commercials for candidate for Wyoming State Treasurer.

1996 Fourth of July on Cannibal Island. Half-hour documentary produced as part of the documentary on Wilson, Wyoming. Malachowski, Producer/Director; Christian, Camera; Schramm, Producer/Editor.

1997 Rules of the Snow. One hour, documentary-style video on snowmobile safety. Completed May, 1997. Malachowski, Producer/Camera/Editor; Christian, Camera; Schramm, Producer/Director/Editor/Writer.

Work in Progress.Pop. 200: 100 Years in Wilson, WY. One hour documentary supported by the community of Wilson, Wyoming. Conducted 80 interviews. Currently in post-production.Malachowski, Producer/Camera/Director; Elder, Producer/Writer; Schramm Producer/Writer/Editor.

Work in Progress. She's a Rough Country: The Story of Snook and Evalyn Moore. Feature documentary on the life of Wyoming old-timers, Snook and Evalyn Moore. Scheduled for post-production in the summer of 1998. A production of SavaFilm and Different Drummer Productions. Sava Malachowski, Producer/Director/Camera. Tom Christian, Producer/Camera, Valerie Scramm, Writer/ Editor. More information about this production will be coming to this site soon.


1991 NEA and AFI Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship

1991 Wyoming Arts Council Individual Artist Grant

1994 Visual Arts Fellowship, Wyoming Arts Council

1994 National Media Owl Award by the Retirement Research Foundation

1997 National Recreational Trails Grant

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