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SavaFilm produces award winning documentaries, videos on safety, and commercial work and distributes videos on Western subjects. SavaFilm also provides production services to the film and advertising industries and maintains a library of stock video footage. hotographs.

Since its establishment in 1988, SavaFilm is producing a documentary series on Wyoming old-timers. The first in the series, "Keeper of the Tetons" has been distributed through PMN to local PBS stations. "No Fear of Flying: An Image of Virginia Huidekoper" won a 1994 National Media Owl Award by the Retirement Research Foundation. Currently in post-production is a documentary entitled, "Wilson Wyoming: The First 100 Years." The last film in the series, "She's a Rough Country: The Story of Snook and Evalyn Moore" is scheduled for post- production during the summer of 1998.

"Driving Snow: The Keys to Winter Driving," a safety video on winter driving, was distributed nationally by Pacific Mountain Network (PMN) to local PBS stations in over twenty states. In the past three years, SavaFilm has produced sixteen public service announcements on winter safety issues, which was broadcast throughout Wyoming. In May of 1997, SavaFilm completed "Rules of the Snow," a video on snowmobile safety and riding awareness. "Rules of the Snow" has been included in the safety programs in six states.

Commercial work includes political campaigns, commercials, and promotional videos. SavaFilm is owned and operated by Sava Malachowsk and Valerie Schramm.



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